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Please also review our FAQ’s to save you time in case your question has already been answered. If we haven’t addressed your question in our FAQ’s below, please contact us with your questions, comments or suggestions through our Support System below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the build process time frame?2015-11-25T06:36:54+02:00

Week 1

  • Initial negotiations take place
  • A cost estimate is drawn up,
  • Finacial plans is put in place,
  • Specifications and discussed,
  • A contract is signed
  • The Kit from Vans is ordered

Month 1-4
All airframe components required for the build are from Vans Aircraft and readied for shipping

Month 4-6
Shipping from USA to SA

Month 6-14
Building of Kit

On completion of Build
Test flying Documentation with SACAA and deliver to Owner

What is the payment schedule?2016-10-18T15:10:09+02:00

There is a Rand and a Dollar exposure portion to the purchase. We work with each client on a one-to-one basis. The Dollar portion is up to the client to call when he would like to pay, but we often work with each person’s specific needs in regards to cash flow. The Rand portion that is made up of labour, consumables, upholstery, local fees, etc, are divided into monthly progress payments with the remainder on completion.

Firewall Forward US$ based
Engine and Propeller

Avionics US$ based
All avionics and electrical

Build Fee over 6-8 payments ZAR Based
Build fee, Painting, SACAA Fees, Admin fees, Banking Fees, Consumables, Safety Equipment, Test flying

What is included?2016-10-18T15:10:09+02:00

All airframe engine and avionics components, parts, etc, for traceability purposes. We handle all the banking transactions, customs clearances, building of aircraft inclusive of wiring, painting etc. We also carry out all the necessary SACAA paperwork on behalf of the client including registration, authority to fly, etc. Test flights necessary to test the aircraft is included as well as the fuel for the test flights.

What are the benefits of using Aircraft Assembly Centre?2015-11-25T06:20:02+02:00
  • Production built aircraft
  • Used frowner training
  • Better resale value
  • Proven quality
  • Traceability of all components
  • SACAA oversight in production methods
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