The Aircraft Interior Service includes all aspects of upholstery and the upgrading of upholstery for TCA Type Certified Aircraft “ZS”) and NTCA (Non Type Certified Aircraft “ZU). Apart from the upholstery of the RV’s being assembled at Aircraft Assembly & Upholstery Centre, upholstery is also available in a kit form for easy fitting into RV’s. Aircraft Assembly Centre are CAA approved for all aircraft upholstery requirements. (TCA and NTCA Aircraft)



Custom designs and options are available, whilst complying with the requirements for aviation standards. Interiors include 100% leather seats, leather paneling and arm rests, fireproof carpet finish on floors with kick pads in the heel area.

Interior kits for all RV types are available and can be custom made for your personal preferences. Items included in the Aircraft Assembly Centre Upholstery section are:

  • Leather or cloth seats
  • Leather or cloth panels
  • Carbon covered Instrument panels of various design
  • Various Carbon covered finishing panels
  • Leather Arm Rests
  • Carpet panels
  • Fabric Hat Rack Kits (covers the baggage area)
  • Cowl Plugs
  • Fuel Drain Flags
  • Pitot Covers
  • Light Weight Canopy Covers
  • Light Weight Wing Dust Covers