Aircraft Assembly Centre built aircraft are developed around your needs and preferences, from body paint job to in-house custom leather interiors; your aircraft will be built around your individual requirements and style.



RV Aircraft can be ordered either as Quickbuild kits or the conventional Standard kit from Vans Aircraft. All RVs, whether built from a Standard or a QuickBuild Kit, are built from the same parts. The difference is the degree to which these parts have been pre-assembled when the builder receives them. The Quickbuild kit offers quicker building time, however, limited corrosion prevention is possible.

The lead to times on the Quickbuild kits is usually about  3 to 4 months.  Shipping can take anything from 6 to 12 weeks depending on shipping movement. The building time takes approximately 7 months from day of arrival on the premises. The engine options offered are typically experimental Lycoming 180 hp or 200 hp on the RV7 and RV8 models, 160 hp on the RV9 models and 260hp on the RV10 and RV12 models. RV aircraft are designed to use Lycoming aircraft engines.

Propeller options available are either constant speed Hartzell on the 2 seat RVs and the fixed pitch Sensenich, based on your personal preferences.

Avionics is also a personal preference, but with the growing trend in avionics, a full glass cockpit is usually chosen. The options are endless, so this part of the RV is very personal. Anthony has in depth knowledge of the various options and can guide the owner in this aspect. His superior knowledge in layout of the cockpit is evident in the completed RV’s Aircraft.